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‘Grave’ – Music by Theo Andre

The movie “Grave Encounters” (2011, directed by The Vicious Brothers) is very poor musically speaking. In this sequence, there is originally absolutely no music at all, and only a very few sound effects.

Here is a Music i composed, with some sound effects I created, to add a lot more of tension to the sequence.

You can also compare and watch the Original sequence without the music by watching the second video.

With the Music

Without the Music (Original Movie)


Composer, Dj and passionated by Electronic Music, Théo André has a specific approach of Film Music.

Between classical music and electrical scapes, his universe can’t be reduced to only one genre.

Born in Paris 26 years ago, he’s immediately passionated by music and grows up listening to the big masters (Bernard Hermann, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone…). But his inspiration will then get closer to more eclectic composers from the ‘new generation’, like Trent Reznor, Cliff Martinez or Thomas Bergersen

Autodidact, he collects his inspiration in the multitude of Electronic Music sonorities, as much in his harmonic approach as Classical Music.

Continuing his activity of Dj Producer of Electronic Music, graduated of ISTS (Diploma of Superior Studies of Sound Techniques), where he acquired skills in Sound Design, it’s this eclectic approach of Film Music that makes his originality.



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